FAA Exemption 333 & Insured

Approved to fly in the national airspace. We provide customized solutions to fit your needs.

Engineering Expertise

Unlike most UAS firms, we have structural and civil engineers on staff to further analyze data that's collected.

Monitoring Services

With our UAS platforms, we have simplified and made monitoring of dams, bridges, buildings, and cranes more cost effective.

Real Estate Photography Services

We can provide elegant and high quality photography for your real estate needs with a cutting edge aerial advantage.

Construction Progress Services

Using our UASs and software platforms, our pilots are able to provide daily, weekly, or monthly inspections of construction sites.

Inspection Services

We can conduct flight missions to obtain images and video of difficult to reach places such as bridges, cell towers, dams powerlines, wind turbines, chimneys, and roofs.

3D Modeling & Analysis Services

Using state of the art software, we can produce 3D models with accurate real-time data for any project.

We can assist your organization in making full 3D models

Hire our pilots and engineers 7 days a week!

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Skyhighdrone will be the global leader in unmanned surveillance, monitoring, inspection, facial recognition, and biometric data gathering services. We will earn our customer's trust through actionable data and validation delivered through integrity, innovation, and commitment of our highly skilled team.

Dr. Daanen Strachan, Founder
Skyhighdrone HQ