Aerial UASs

Flexible UAS Platforms

We have customized solutions for all your needs, whether you need a quad microUAS or a larger octocopter for long distance missions.

Data Services

Cloud & Textured Models

Using quick geolocation datasets and 3D stitching, we can create detailed digital surface models and orthomosaics.

Drone Analytics

CAP Analytics

Whether you need field drills or interview analytics, we can know track a player's micro expressions such as confusion, anger, deception, fear, honesty, and confidence levels.

Distinctively Better Service

Dedicated Service Staff

Skyhighdrone's has years of experience in the areas of data analytics, drone piloting, and civil engineering. We provide a full-turnkey solutions to meet all of your needs.

Engineering Expertise

Civil Engineering Staff

Unlike most drone companies, Skyhighdrone has in-house civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Maintaining in-house engineers allows our firm to quickly response to civil infrastructure clients with responsibilities of maintaining bridges, dams, and electrical power-lines.