Certified, Insured, & Safety


Skyhighdrone’s UAS platforms are airworthiness certified and has licensed and insured pilots. We are one of the few companies that guarantees its operational methods and standards. All Skyhighdrone pilots have passed the FAA flight standards exam and are experienced with various monitoring and inspection missions. Safety is a priority at all times. Skyhighdrone is commercially insured for all flight missions. Our UASs are operated by professional pilot operators with years of experience. All of our UASs include GPS flight systems, live HD feeds, and fail-safe features.


While the regulatory situation continues to evolve and change, the subject of insurance is increasingly important within the UAS community. Owners and operates are interested in insurability. We are insured with Global Aerospace Insurance, which is the leading insurance provider for commercial drone insurance. To download our aviation insurance policy for unmanned aircraft systems, please click here.

FAA Exemption 333

On August 26, 2015, we received approval from the FAA to conduct commercial operations in the national airspace under FAA Section 333 Exemption #12587. We have strict safety protocols and our operating manual functions as our guideline for safe, responsible and successful operations. Our UAS platforms are registered just like any other civil or military aircraft. Each pilot follows a pre-flight inspection and determines whether the UAS platform is in a condition for safe flight. To review our FAA Authorization, please click here.