Sector Applications

  • Civil Infrastructure

    For purposes of monitoring civil infrastructure, we can provide quarterly assessments of bridges, dams, or other critical infrastructure assets.

  • Commercial Infrastructure

    We can provide aerial images of wind turbines, powerlines, water towers, cranes, and cell phone towers. Get a detailed assessment of infrastructure status.

  • Construction

    Get daily and weekly updates on construction progress of the worksite. Updates includes aerial images, 2D volumetric and linear measuremnts. To view images, click here.

  • Real Estate

    We support developers, realtors, and commercial agents needing aerial images of buildings, land, or commercial structures. To view images, click here.

  • Law Enforcement Surveillance

    Law enforcement agencies need an efficient method for monitoring high crime areas and identifying suspected criminals. Our UAS pilots can monitor targeted communities, commercial, or land areas that have high incidents of crime.

  • 3D Modeling

    Flying at low altitude, our UASs can gather images which then can be stitched together using our 3D modeling software to create dynamic orthomosaics, colored-layered topography maps, and digital surface maps. To view this example, click here.

  • Events Coverage

    Now using our small unmanned aircraft systems, we can capture quality images up to 25MP and video using DSLR cameras producing 4K video. These images are great for event planners, artists, festivals, production and music studios. To view video, click here.

  • Animations

    Our animators, using 3D modeling software can create animated flyovers of any building or structure that our UASs have digitally mapped. These animations are great realtors, building owners, developers, and government agencies. To view animation, click here.