Service Offerings

Monitoring & Inspection Services

We provide monitoring and inspection services of civil, commercial, and construction sites. For example, With our UAS platforms, we have simplified and made monitoring of dams, bridges, buildings, and cranes more cost effective. Not only can we eliminate hazards and reduce risks involved, we can also eliminate the need for expensive monitoring and inspection equipment.

3D Mapping & Surveying Services

Using state of the art software, we can produce 3D models with accurate real-time data for any project. Photos from a project are compiled and put through multiple rendering processes. This process creates life like 3D models with accurate topographic and infrared ortho-images at any altitude. Flying at low altitudes provides higher resolution photos in which all details are clearly visible on any map scales. Thus creating a georeferenced image databases for safe and efficient post-flight inspections. With this data, our engineers can locate defects in 3D from images, visualize structural details from many angles, model thermal behavior of a structure and export orthomosaics from any any plane. This service has several applications.

Surveillance Services

Our UAS pilots can monitor targeted communities, commercial, or land areas that have high incidents of crime. Across the country, observing high crime areas using helicopters and personnel on the ground is costly and obligates extensive resources. Law enforcement agencies need an efficient method for monitoring high crime areas and identifying suspected criminals more effectively. Deployment of our 4K video drone platform with integrated facial recognition software will provide law enforcement with actionable picture intelligence confirmation, which decreases the time to locate suspects.

Facial Recognition Services

Integrated with our drone platform is facial recognition technology that provides reliable identification of individuals. After monitoring a targeted high crime area and gathering of real-time situational data, our system performs an automated quality check and creates a 2D facial template. The template and 2D facial image are stored for immediate and future identification searches. We can assist law enforcement with providing facial recognition searches that can be stored in sessions, which can contain multiple probe images used to perform searches. The facial recognition search results can be displayed next to the corresponding probe image for easy comparison. Picture from Kairos.

Construction Site Progress & Measurement Services

Keeping abreast of construction activities is very difficult and sometimes critical site work is often overlooked. Using our UAS and software platforms, our pilots are able to provide daily, weekly, or monthly inspections of construction sites. Project managers can know review, compare, and conduct progress analysis of the sites.

Real Estate Photography Services

We can provide elegant and high quality photography for your real estate needs with a cutting edge aerial advantage. Over the past few years, we have conducted aerial filming using our 4K video and 12MP platforms for commercial property managers, property owners, industrial parks, and government agencies.

Event Services

From community events to concerts, our drone pilots have the expertise to capture the essence of your event. Whether you need high quality images to 4K video, we have the capabilities to provide drones from different perspectives and angles never seen before.